My thoughts on Sabarimala Verdict

As supreme court announced that women can also enter sabarimala, it became a trending topic across the nation. Many of the people applauded it by calling it as ‘progressive & women empowerment’!

But i want to ask you where is the women empowerment in this! Feminists these days are looking everything in a men vs women angle by ignoring real problems. India right now is passing through many issues regarding women. Not many days have passed since we saw a group of nun protesting on streets against a bishop for sexually attacking a nun from their group, not many days have passed since we saw children of age 7-8 are being raped.. in the midst of these serious issues, some pseudo feminists are only interested in sabarimala women entry case.

About the temple sabarimala, the Ayyappa there is ‘brahmachari’, it is a custom, NOT discrimination that women of certain age are not allowed to enter there. Also we men don’t force our women to do so. Its TRUE DEVOTEE women themselves are not coming to sabarimala due to their strong beliefs.

The religious belief is you have to be ‘Ayyappan’ yourself to go to sabarimala by taking 41 days of practicing no meat, no sex, no luxuries, no nail cutting or even shaving. But it may be not possible for women as they are sexually active during certain age.

There are other temples here at which women are considered primarily, like Chakkulath Kaavu & Attukal. Even Attukal Pongala entered guinness book for its lakhs and lakhs of women participation. Each of the temple attract people on the basis of its uniqueness. Also i don’t think any of the REAL DEVOTEE women will go to sabarimala during this particular period, THEY WILL NOT! because they are believers.

Also even the only ‘Female’ Judge justice Indu Malhotra opposed other 4 male judges in this case.

She even said:

“Personal views of judges are irrelevant in deciding whether religious practices have to be accepted.” – Indu Malhotra

That is true, its really stupid that 4-5 people sitting on somewhere decides whether a group of real believers have to do that or not! ITS REALLY STUPID i say!

She said the valid points. You can read it here: Sabarimala Verdict: Views by Female judge justice Indu Malhotra

If you are not a believer, you should atleast respect other’s beliefs. Also Feminism is the worst used word these days. The supreme court’s decision is sad, not just for me, but for the whole real believers!

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