Do technology make people lonely?

Technology is the most useful invention ever. With the arrival of it, many ‘impossible’ became ‘possible’! It is accessible among all people these days. Every coin will have two sides. Today i am going to talk about the ‘other’ side of the technology.

Although it mostly have positive side, it decreased the need of social interaction. People can just talk to their loved ones from home by face to face nowadays using it. Also many of the people have many online friends that they even didn’t saw in real life. If you have a social media account, then you will get to know about who did what. With the emerge of these, you can even do shopping without leaving the house.

As a result of these, a person doesn’t have to depend anyone for help. Even if they had trapped in a place, they have google map! If you want to date, then there are a plenty of dating apps. So by these things, it makes us to spend less time with our friends, or even family. We are away from reality, but also connected to people by this virtuality, so we lose the reality.

Another thing is, many health problems like obesity will arise due to online addiction. Instead of physically playing badminton or tennis, youth are busy in playing angry birds.

According to a survey by CNN, most teens spend an average of 9 hours per day on their phones and social media. This increases the lack of communication among people and gradually will make them lonely and will decrease their social skills. This loneliness may lead to many illnesses like anxiety and depression also. Fact is that interacting to someone by person and through online are far different. Also social media these days are highly addictive that it will even affect his real-life routines. Actually over use of social media will make people Anti-social!

If we didn’t use these technology products putting a limit, then it will affect our real life. So limitation and controlling is very important.

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