Is social media misusing freedom of speech?

Gone those days where only some intellectuals had public freedom of speech, now everyone have their social media profiles to express their views and opinions. With the growth of technology, even a person with a social media account can express their opinions public.

So there are many debates are going on about influence of social media in freedom of speech, Is it good or bad…etc.

Arrival of social media:

Social Medias are one of the best inventions of this generation. It helped to bring a common platform for people from remote locations. Also played a major role in easy pass of informations even without phone calls.

Although it is introduced as connecting distant people, it became more popular with expressing opinions online.

Social Media and Freedom of speech:

Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. Like that people will have an opinion about everything happens in our society. Thus social media became an effective platform for raising their voices against injustice.

Nowadays even anyone can object anything through social media. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had admitted that there are numerous misuses of Facebook that caused problems.

Online Campaigns

With the growth of platforms like Twitter and Facebook, many biggies made use of it for different purposes by conducting online campaigns, this includes from product selling to various purposes.

Nowadays, there are even hate campaigns are done through this. Also fake news spread like wildfire through social media. The marketing of political parties are highly depend on these platforms.

The Legal side:

Not many days have passed since we saw a man got arrested for harassing a girl through social media. The fact is anyone can misuse of this platform by posting bad things from behind some computer screens, it is more easier than speaking in public.

So one have to think twice before posting comments on sensitive topics on these platforms.


Everything has its own share of positives and negatives. But we have to use it wisely. Think twice before posting comments on sensitive issues as said earlier. Also the government should improve its social media monitoring and should teach its individuals to how to use it in a good manner.

At the end of the day, freedom of speech is good. Also one of the positive is, we can protest against injustice in that ‘online platform’ way also. So we have to use it wisely.

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